What is Tacho Online?

Your driving and rest time system
Tacho Online is your IT solution for analysis and reporting on driving and rest time violations. We collect and host your data from driver cards and tachographs to provide you with a clear and user-friendly tool so you are well prepared for the next company control.
If you want to save time and avoid fines, then Tacho Online is the solution for you

Tacho & Worktime Analysis

We analyze your driving and rest time data and visualize potential violations for you


In Tacho Online you get access to a larger collection of reports: violations, activity details, driving time, driving without drivercard and many more


We keep all your driving and rest time data up to 12 months. Tacho Online is hosted by Microsoft Azure, so your data is safe in the cloud


We keep your drivers' basic information and give you an easy and clear overview of your crew


Get an easy and clear overview of your fleet and you have fleet management for one of our partners, so you can also see where your wagons are in the world

Control documents

You can store all your control documents eg. drivercards or tachograph inspection in Tacho Online and they are even automatically maintained by the system


Tacho Online assist you and your drivers, so you always are ahead - whether it's an infringement, important information, "reminder" message or a control document to be renewed


Simple and clear dashboard for both administrators and drivers


We have a broad portfolio of integrations for our partners, all of which help ensure you get the best experience in Tacho Online.

Why Tacho Online?

Save money

Save time

Avoid fines

1.400+ Customers can't be wrong!

Tacho Online is used by over 1.400 of your coworkers and stores data for 50.000+ drivers and 22.000+ vehicles. Should you be the next one who has a good feeling when the company control stands knocking at the door?

Ready to become a part of Tacho Online?

All prices are + vat and settled quarterly. as a DTL-member, SÅ-member or NLF-member you can get special membership benefits in Tacho Online


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  • Subscription: 0 DKK
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  • Per Vehicle: 0 DKK
  • Tacho Online PLUS: 232,05 DKK a month
  • Hotline: 835,55 DKK
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  • Signup: 715,00 DKK
  • Subscription: 139,00 DKK
  • Per Driver: 8,32 DKK
  • Per Vehicle: 8,32 DKK
  • Tacho Online PLUS: 273 DKK a month
  • Hotline: Unavaliable
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Welcome to the family!


Tacho Online integrates and collaborates with a larger range of solutions for the transport industry, such as fleet management, tracking, remote download, payroll, tacho analysis, consulting, etc.


Yet another strong integration for you, who want remote download and GPS data


Do you need an easy online GDPR solution with the option of consulting assistance?


Do you have a Lisle terminal? Then we also have an integration for you


We also integrate with your VDO terminal, get your files transferred to Tacho Online today

Volvo Connect

Do you have Volvo Connect? Then we also have an integration for you


Another integration for you who is a Addsecure customer


Yet another integration for you who is a customer at BG Service Center


Do you have Scania? Then you will not be cheated!


We also have an integration with Transics, so you are covered here too


Get started with RIO and Tacho Online today


Do you have Webfleet Solutions? Then we also have an integration ready for you

Fleet Board

Do you have Mercedes? No need to worry we also integrate with Fleet Board


Are you a customer at R2P? Then we also have an integration for you

Visma | Dataløn

Do you have Data-Løn? Then we also have something for you

Visma | TransPA

Are You a Customer at TransPA? Then we also integrate to you


Do you have TraffiTech Then we also have an integration for you


An integration for you who is Customer with Skovmands Fartskriver Service


Do you have ABAX? Then we can also help you with integration


FleetGO now also integrates with Tacho Online


Another integration for you who have remote download from Multi-IT


Do you have TRAXEE? Then we can also help you with an integration


MapOn now also integrates with Tacho Online


3DTracking now also integrates with Tacho Online


Are not you a DTL member yet? Read more about the many benefits


ATL is also a part of Tacho Online


Norwegian Truck Owners Association is also part of Tacho Online


Dansk PersonTransport is also part of Tacho Online


Dealer of Tacho Online in Sweden

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Tacho Online Team

Our skilled team is always ready to assist you if you have questions or need help.

Carl Peter Frederiksen


My main task in the company is customer contact and customer care and sales of services and products. In addition, I am responsible for logistics - everything that keeps the business going.

Henrik Brunstedt


My main task in the company is to be responsible for counseling and teaching in driving and rest periods and in transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Erik Kristoffersen


I am involved in helping lorries and drivers with, inter alia, driving and rest time issues, including service of the carriers with the subscription plans, as well as other issues that may arise

Christian Møller Christensen


My main task in the company is Buses, Technical Stand and Special Transport.

Rakel Lyberth

Office assistant

My work assignments in TungVognsSpecialisten will deal with all incidental office-related tasks, as well as customer service


Hans Greve Brandenborg


My task is to support Tacho Online and Tacho-Track, including preparation of support and marketing material.

Rasmus Vestergaard


My tasks are support on Tacho Online and Tacho Track.


Simon Lumholtz

Head of Development

Head of Development and Responsible for the Development Department. My tasks are planning, design, development and operation of our products.

Kasper Hansen

Senior Software Developer

Senior Developer responsible for development and operation of our products.

Esben Brus

Assistant programmer

Development and further development of our products.

Magnus Boll

Software Developer

Developer with responsibility for development, further development and operation of our products.