(General Data Protection Regulation)

Maj 25, 2018

What is GDPR?

Dear children have many names: GDPR, Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Regulation are the same. GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and is a legislation introduced by the EU. Data protection has become particularly relevant on May 25, 2018, as companies from this date should comply with the GDPR rules.

Read more about the general provisions, including:

GDPR in Tacho Online

We value your safety and the Tacho Online team has taken the necessary steps to secure your safety is in top and EU law complian.

Where is data stored?

Tacho Online is hosted at Microsoft Azure the data is geographically located in Microsoft's data center in the Netherlands (region western europe).

Who has access to data?

Sorted by categories:

  • Product owner
  • Customer
  • External supplier

TungVognsSpecialisten ApS (Produktejer)

Data is managed by:

  • TVS-Consultants
  • DTL-Consultants (ONLY DTL members)
  • SÅ-Consultants (ONLY SÅ members)
  • NLF-Consultants (ONLY NLF members)
  • ATL-Consultants (ONLY ATL members)
  • DPT-Consultants (ONLY DPT members)
  • BUNDL-Consultants (ONLY BUNDL customers)
  • GSGroup-Consultants (ONLY GSGroup customers and SÅ members)
  • TVS Support and Developers

Customer (User)

Data is managed by:

  • Company administrators (CA). CA determines which users in their own business should have access to the system

External supplier

Tacho Online offers a wide range of different integrations where an external provider can have access to:

  • Read data
  • Create data
  • Edit data
  • Delete data

These integrations / external providers can ONLY access Customer Data if this is explicitly requested by the Customer.

Tacho Online do NOT exchange data with any third parties!

Who is responsible for data?

How is data protected?

In order to gain access to Tacho Online, the user or possibly. An external supplier has a valid login. The system has the following safety precautions:

  • Supports https (secure connection)
  • Logging (who access data and when)
  • Password Encryption

Microsoft Azure protects data on facilities that are protected by industry-leading security systems and comply with an extensive portfolio of specified standards and regulations

(DPA) Microsoft Product and Services Data Protection Addendum